Our Skylights are manufactured at our workshop to customer's specification and in agreement with various codes.


Various materials for skylights:

  • Copper, natural, lead or zinc covered;

  • Galvanized steel;

  • Stainless steel;

  • Welded aluminum.




Various design aspects:

  • Ventilated or non-ventilated type;

  • With top and bottom protection screen.


Different types of glass:

  • Ribbed;

  • clear;

  • Patterned, wire reinforced;

  • Clear, wire reinforced;

  • Laminated;

  • Insulated glass. Panes can be made of two or even three glass layers, not necessarily of the same type.



In some instances Building Codes impose rigid design limitations on the skylights.




Click here to see more.

Click here to see more.

Leaded Copper, Aluminum,

Copper, Galvanized steel.

Glass types.


Roof hatches.

We also distribute and install roof hatches.

  • GGalvanised and painted steel.

  • Fire-proof.

  • Thermally insulated.

  • Strong and reliable locking mechanism.    

  • Opening dimensions: 

24"X24"; 24"X30"; 30"X30"; 24"X36"; 30"X36"; 

36"X36"; 30"X54"; 48"X48".

Roof hatch. Painted steel, thermal insulation and fireproof.

Roof hatch. Painted steel, thermal insulation and fireproof.


Send us the drawing by   e-mail   and   call us   to discuss your order.

Only few skylights are held in stock.  (See our shop inventory).